Woman passes away for 27 minutes before being revived. Her message is amazing.

The extraordinary account of a woman who experienced 27 minutes of clinical death before being resuscitated has taken the internet by storm. However, the message she conveys is nothing short of extraordinary.

Thanks to the captivating backstory of a tattoo etched on this woman’s wrist, an image of it has gained widespread attention on social media. At first glance, the inscription on the tattoo may appear cryptic, but upon closer examination, it reveals the words “It’s genuine.”

Madie Johnson’s tattoo is steeped in an incredible narrative. The tattoo serves as a tribute to her aunt Tina, who valiantly survived an unexpected cardiac arrest a year ago. Despite the harrowing ordeal, Tina exhibited remarkable composure and fought for her life. The tattoo stands as a beautiful testament to her unwavering determination.

Initially, medical professionals believed that Tina had succumbed to her condition. However, her uncle Brian and the emergency response team managed to revive her. Tina was subjected to a defibrillator upon reaching the hospital, and after a period of time, she regained consciousness. It was then that she urgently requested a pen.

Reportedly, Tina hastily jotted down the words, “It’s genuine,” in a journal and tearfully pointed to the heavens, according to Madie’s account. Remarkably, Tina had been pronounced clinically deceased for a staggering 27 minutes before being brought back to life.

Madie is just one of many individuals deeply moved by Tina’s story. Madie was profoundly struck by Tina’s narrative, its authenticity and relevance, and the hope it instills for the future.

Madie also drew inspiration from her aunt’s unabashed devotion to Jesus and her unwavering love for others, qualities that have influenced Madie’s own aspirations for life and love.

Following her hospital discharge, Tina received a visit from her niece Madie, who shared snapshots of their reunion on Instagram. The post garnered over 22,000 likes, with comments pouring in, each expressing the emotions stirred by the heartwarming reunion.

Many individuals offered accolades to Tina Marie for her courage and unwavering faith in the comments section of the post. One user remarked, “Your story has touched my heart deeply, just like it did for you. Thank you for sharing. I hope your aunt Tina makes a swift and complete recovery.” Another user extended their wishes, saying, “May we all carry on Tina Marie’s legacy of faith.”

Faith holds a profound influence over the lives of countless people. It serves as a pillar of strength during challenging moments, a guide in navigating complex circumstances, and a beacon of hope when all else appears to be lost.

For those who practice faith, it provides solace and direction in decision-making, a means of comprehending intricate concepts, and a path to leading a meaningful existence. When confronted with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, faith can bestow the courage and support needed to persevere.

Regardless of one’s religious beliefs, faith can offer empowerment and guidance. Many faiths incorporate rituals and teachings that aid individuals in forging a connection with something greater than themselves.

Through practices such as prayer, meditation, worship, or other spiritual pursuits, individuals can gain insight into how their beliefs align with the values they aspire to uphold, subsequently shaping their conduct.

Faith, with its assurance that all will ultimately resolve itself and that there exists something greater than our present trials, also offers comfort and tranquility during trying times.


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