When we saw a young 28-year-old, tattooed sleeved

“When we saw a young 28-year-old, tattooed sleeved, army medic walk into our room and introduce himself to us as our labor and delivery nurse, I’m not going to lie, I was a little skeptical. Within minutes though, he quickly proved us wrong. From the moment he saw me, he told me what a champ I was for staying so calm. When I told him I had a feeling the baby was going to come fast, he looked at me and said, ‘I believe you. We’re going to make this happen.’

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He moved around the room effortlessly and never missed a beat. When Zackery told him his side of the family (his grandparents, parents, and him and his brother) have only had boys, he even teared up with us when she was born. Colton, every woman deserves a nurse like you during their hardest hours. Thank you for being the unsung hero every day, whether it’s on a battlefield or in a delivery room. People like you are what make this world a better place. 🌎♥️
Credit: Stephanie Martins

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