“Toxic”: Candace Owens Sounds Off On Taylor Swift [WATCH]

During an event on Tuesday, February 13, Daily Wire podcast host Candace Owens spoke out about Taylor Swift, describing the liberal popstar as “the most toxic feminist that’s ever existed.” Her comments came during a “Backstage” event for DailyWire+ subscribers in which she spoke with Jeremey Boreing, Ben Shapiro, Michael Knowles, and Matt Walsh.

Beginning, Owens said, “Obviously, if you’ve seen what she’s even done in business and how she tries to manipulate her audiences like to get out of like, deals and contracts, she’s totally insane. Like she’s the most toxic feminist that’s ever existed. And what she does is basically the threat is that if she doesn’t get what she wants, she writes a song about a guy, and then has 15, 15 million girls seeing the songs and drops little clues . . . it’s totally psychotic . . .”

Explaining why that’s a problem, Candace pointed to the fanaticism of the “Swiftie” girls when they think they’re sticking up for Taylor, saying, “And then there’s a bunch of like, 10 year old girls whose brains are not developed, who then go and attack whoever it is.

Giving an example of that, Candace continued, “Like Scooter Braun’s family, young kids literally had to go into hiding and get security because Taylor Swift wanted out of the deal, but he legally purchased her catalog of music.

She went on, saying, “And she wrote this, you have to go find it on Tumblr, this like glorious rephrasing of basically like ‘my dad signed a contract, a legal contract legally binding contract for me when I was 15. He now has the catalog and he purchased it.’ And she was just like, you know, as a woman, I sat on the floor and I wrote these songs, and then they tried to kill scooter Braun’s family and he did nothing wrong. only had it for like six months before he let somebody else purchase it but like she hated Scooter Braun . . . ”

After the podcast hosts went back and forth about Travis Kelce and his past dating history, Matt Walsh briefly jumped in and joked that it was a hard to say that Swift is the most toxic feminist, implying that there are many. Doing so, he said, “She is awful. I think I think calling her the most toxic feminist ever is quite a statement.

Explaining her comment, Candace said, “Toxic feminism is when you use being it’s like Kashia Taylor Swift. They’ve been doing this. It’s a new breed of feminism. She’s a new breed. Yeah, I’ve writing an entire book on this. It’s like the Lena Dunham school of thought she literally said Lena Dunham taught me feminism which basically means that you can get whatever you want so long as you’re able to sell to people that you’re a victim because you’re a woman, and she has done it to the tune of a billion dollars.”

Watch Candace here:

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