This happened a couple of weeks ago, but wanted to share as it nearly brought me to tears. My faith in the goodness of humanity has been restored!
May be an image of car and road
I had just dropped off my 2 kids to daycare and had a day planned with my eldest daughter. My car battery died, a couple of weeks earlier we had to replace my husbands alternator in his car plus a couple of other things which left us with barely anything. I called road side, they started my car and I drove to the closest battery shop.. the guy behind the desk showed me a bunch of options and said if money is tight, go with this one.. if money isn’t an issue, go with this one etc.
May be an image of car and road
I had to go with the cheaper one and as we got talking, it came up that his wife worked in childcare, they had 4 kids and I also happened to work in childcare with 3 kids. When I went to pay, he said ‘I know how hard it is working in childcare while having your own children, you do an amazing job’ he gave me $25 off the battery just because of a chance conversation. It might not seem much to some, but it was such a kind, genuine thing to do. ❤️
Credit: Caitlin Trott

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