This afternoon I had the fright of my life

This afternoon I had the fright of my life. when my subway car pulled up at Broadview station I heard a faint voice call out “help, help me please”. it wasn’t coming from anyone in the car and after hearing it again I stood up and looked out on the platform. suddenly and all very quickly myself and the man beside me saw a man with a walking cane lying on the tracks. he is blind and had fallen and injured himself. without hesitation the man you see in this picture in the animal shirt jumped into the tracks to pull him out. thankfully two other men showed up to help as well and this story has a happy ending.

Mund të jetë një imazh i ‎4 persona, ambiente të brendshme dhe ‎teksti që thotë "‎EXIT ←EXIT→ و BROADVIEW W BROADI BROA BRIAD BR‎"‎‎

please pass this photo around, these men need to be recognized as good Samaritan’s.If they hadn’t reacted so quickly, the outcome would have been horrific #ttc #torontolife #torontotransitcommission #heros #torontothegood #goodnews

Credit: Julie Caniglia

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