For about 50 doughnuts:
– 400 g of flour
– 150 g of sugar
– 5 TO 7 Medium eggs
– 100 g of butter
– 150 ml of non-sweet liquid milk
– 2 pinches of salt
– Lemon Zest
– 2 Sachets of sugar vanilla
– 0,75 of sachet of chemical yeast
– frying oil

* preparation *

1-Properly Mix Sugar + Butter + Sugar Vanilla (like to make cakes)

2-add the whole eggs and well mix, then the lemon zest

3-add then half of the flour, well mix

4-pour the milk + the rest of flour + Salt, mix correctly

5-pour chemical yeast at the end of the preparation and mix well.
The Council that had been given to me is that chemical yeast must not be in contact * DIRECT * with salt.

LET IT REST MINIMUM 4 hours, even a night.
Usually I do the paw at night and fry it in the morning, it’s up to you.
Possible to fry directly.

Heat the oil properly
Then * frying *

please do share as much

Source: Nadia NGUEDIA

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