If you like a crunchy layer on your fried chicken, this Southern-style recipe is a must-try.It can be cooked over a fire or in a deep fat fryer.

  • Ingredients :

° 3 Ib chicken cut to pieces
° 2 eggs
° 1 cup milk
° Salt & pepper to taste
° 1 tsp garlic
° 1 tsp salt (optional)
° 1 c allpurpose flour
° 2 cups canola oil or peanut oil

Mund të jetë një imazh i ushqime dhe teksti që thotë "I'LL TAKE THIS OVER FAST FOOD ANY DAY"

  • Directions :

Rinse chicken pieces in cold water & pat dried with paper towels.
In shallow bowl, whisk eggs with milk, & stir in the salt, pepper, / garlic powder. Soak chicken in milk blend for 5 to 10 min .

Blend flour & seasoned salt (if using) in large ziptop plastic bag. Adding chicken pieces, a some at a time, & shake until totaly covered in flour. Shakee off any excess & set chicken apart on a rack to dried .
Pour oil into a deep fryer or deep fryer and heat to 350°F, add chicken thighs and legs and cook for several minutes.
Adding other chicken pieces, being careful not to oncrowd pan.keep cooking, stir constantly, to chicken is golden brown. Drain on paper towels & serving warm .


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