So this guy was arrested at a supermarket

So this guy was arrested at a supermarket , and goes in front of the court
Judge : “You have been arrested, and charged with attacking another person , in front of you, at a supermarket checkout , with a loaf of Italian bread How do you plea ? ”
Defendant : “Not guilty, with an explanation your honor May I explain ?”
Judge “Continue”
Defendent “Well your honor I was at an Express Lane to check ONE loaf of bread , when this guys comes rushing by me…
“and he had 21 items in the 15 items or less express lane ”
Then he had coupons , bottle returns, Then he pulls out his check book , writes a check , records it , and then double checks his receipt !”
“After that I lost it , and all I remenber is the police showing up , confiscating my loaf , and now I’m toast “

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