So last night we went to go eat at Olive Garden

“So last night we went to go eat at Olive Garden. My mother who is 79 years young decided to sit at the corner of the table where she felt more comfortable and had open space if she needed to get up during dinner. Our orders arrived and I was speaking with my 15-year-old who was in front of me when I turned to the left of me to check on my mother. To my surprise I see our server Susie cutting my mom’s steak. I was in total awe. I immediately thanked her and her response was ‘No problem I don’t mind, I have grandparents and I know how it is at times.’ My heart overflowed with gratitude and my eyes filled with tears as she kept asking my mom ‘is this ok? Let me cut this one up more for you.’ She stood there cutting the meat into smaller pieces for a good 3 minutes.

My mom would turn to look at me smiling as I would smile back at her. I made sure her manager knew exactly what she had done, I expressed my gratitude towards her and told him this kind of heart she has is full of caring and compassion. It’s not taught by employers. That she should be commended and be acknowledged for going a step further in her service which now a days is lacking in many establishments. Susie deserves the recognition!”

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