Simon Cowell trades life of fame for new role as stay-at-home dad – wife now runs his company

Once a Saturday night TV staple and a constant presence in the headlines, Simon Cowell’s career has apparently taken a new turn.

During the prime days of The X Factor, when the show commanded an audience of over 14 million viewers, Simon Cowell could be seen dining with celebrities and being followed by paparazzi.

He was well-known to have been close with big names in the entertainment and media spheres, inviting them to his London mansion for dinners and events.

However, the 63-year-old has recently sold his $57 million residence in London and has moved to the countryside, in an apparent transition towards stepping back from the entertainment industry.

Simon Cowell and fiancée Lauren Silverman pictured in 2019 in London. Credit / Tim P. Whitby / Getty.

The Daily Mail has even reported that Cowell’s fiancée, Lauren Silverman, has taken on an important role in his entertainment company, Syco, and that Cowell has minimal input.

According to the outlet, Cowell is apparently not spending much time with other high-profile faces, and has barely any television commitments outside of his current role as a judge on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent.

All of this is part of Cowell’s desire to be more present in the life of his nine-year-old son, Eric. It’s thought that this desire has only grown since he sustained serious injuries after an e-bike accident at his California home in 2020. The accident led to a broken back and a six-hour surgical procedure.

An insider close to Cowel said: “Simon’s trajectory has seen a complete transformation. He used to actively court media attention, with even his casual strolls becoming front-page news. Yet, he has now retreated into anonymity, refusing to disclose his whereabouts.”

Simon Cowell is taking a step back from the spotlight. Credit / Eamonn M. McCormack / Getty.

The source continued: “He once thrived on being a subject of discussion and intrigue, but now he shies away from the spotlight, preferring the comfort of home with Eric as Lauren manages what remains of his business.”

In January 2022, Cowell made the choice to downsize his company Syco, leading to the departure of a majority of his staff. Those close to the savvy entrepreneur – who originally founded the company as a record label in 2004 – revealed his intentions to focus solely on his role as a television personality.

Sources also said that several years ago, ITV – where The X Factor aired – slowly began transitioning towards producing more compassionate reality shows like The Masked Singer, especially considering the recent controversies that have cast shadows over Cowell’s shows.

His former Britain’s Got Talent co-star David Walliams was recorded using offensive language towards an elderly auditionee and making explicit comments about a female contestant during filming.

Insider even reported on a former contestant’s accusations of sexual assault during her time on the show, with Cowell himself saying the allegations were “horrific” and “heartbreaking”.

As for Cowell’s decision to step back from the limelight and transition into a more fatherly role at home, we can only hope it goes well for him!

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