“She’s a real Thumbelina” – Meet the girl who’s only 99cm tall and defied all the odds

On the face of it, Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley, from Ontario, Canada, was just like any other child.

She attended school, loved sports and drawing, and had bright ambitions for the future.

However, there’s one thing that separated Kenadie from her classmates – the fact that she stands just 99 centimeter tall…

According to reports, Kenadie weighed a tiny 2.5 lbs when she was born in February of 2023.

Doctors soon discovered that she was suffering from an unusual form of cardiovascular disease so rare that it’s believed to affect only 100 people worldwide.

Aptly, the nurses nicknamed her “Thumbelina”.

Unfortunately, Kenadie’s odds of survival weren’t great.

Reportedly, her condition can cause complications such as delayed mental development, respiratory disease and digestive problems – and because the girl suffered from brain injuries, doctors in the hospital where she was born feared that she would only survive for a few days.

Her parents were naturally devastated. They decided to christen their little girl the same day she was born, so that she would at least have a name if and when she departed this world.

“We thought we were going to take her home to die, because that’s what the doctors told us,” mom Brianne told Barcroft TV back in 2016.

Credit / YouTube – Truly

Yet the days passed and Kenadie simply refused to give up. She overcame all the odds and obstacles, and her parents were soon able to dream that she was going to make it through after all. For them, it was nothing short of a miracle.

Today, many years later, Kenadie continues to surprise everyone she meets. Her legs and arms remain underdeveloped, she has difficulty learning new things, and she’s only 99 centimeters tall – but she’s a happy young girl who lives life to the full.

According to reports, Kenadie loves ice skating and bowling. Most importantly, she spreads joy to everyone she meets.

“Kenadie makes me laugh. She’s very empathetic – if you hurt your finger she comes and gives you a hug. She’s got an infectious laugh that makes you want to laugh along with her,” Kenadie’s assistant Jessica Putnam told Barcroft TV in 2016.

Of course, life is full of new challenges for Kenadie and her family. The young girl is constantly faced with medical problems, though her loved ones try to take things one day at a time.

Credit / YouTube – Truly

“My hope for Kenadie’s future– my biggest hope for her– is I want her to be happy. I want her to smile and be successful. If we can get through today, then we’ll see about tomorrow,” her mom said.

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