Retired Teacher’s Letter To Parents Is Being Applauded By Thousands

A retired educator wrote an unfiltered letter to parents, and she didn’t hold back.

Now thousands are praising it, and many are saying the final sentence is spot on! Do you agree?

is the only relevant query. Retired educator Lisa Roberson caused a major stir when she put pen to paper to express her dissatisfaction with the climate of modern public schools.

This educator connected with her audience because she spoke from experience, rather than just opinion, on topics such as the public school system, childcare, and education.

The retired educator sent a letter to the editor of her local paper, and her thoughts were published at a time when many people are wondering why American students seem to be falling behind those in other countries.

Educator Lisa laid it all out there, leaving no room for doubt about what she thinks is at the heart of her students’ failure.

“As a retired teacher, I am sick of people who know nothing about public schools or have not been in a classroom recently deciding how to fix our education system,” Lisa Roberson wrote.

Then, she got to what she believes is the root of the issue. “The teachers are not the problem! Parents are the problem! They are not teaching their children manners, respect or even general knowledge of how to get along with others,” she boldly declared.

“The children come to school in shoes that cost more than the teacher’s entire outfit, but [the kids] have no pencil or paper. Who provides them? The teachers often provide them out of their own pockets,” an obviously frustrated Lisa furthered. Then, she went on to ask numerous questions that some of these parents might not like the answers to.

“When you look at schools that are ‘failing,’ look at the parents and students. Do parents come to parent nights? Do they talk with teachers regularly? Do they make sure their children are prepared by having the necessary supplies? Do they make sure their children do their homework?” Lisa Roberson asked rhetorically.

“Do they have working telephone numbers? Do the students take notes in class? Do they do their homework? Do the students listen in class, or are they the sources of class disruptions?” Lisa continued before concluding, “When you look at these factors, you will see that it is not schools that are failing but the parents. Teachers cannot do their jobs and the parents’ job. Until parents step up and do their job, nothing is going to get better!”

Truthfully, some readers may feel much more pain than others from these words. However, Lisa Roberson is partially correct.

The success of a child is dependent on more than just the classroom teacher.

A parent’s presence is essential, but more importantly, the parent must actually parent.

Some topics need to be taught at home first, and then reinforced by a teacher.

To begin, it is not the role of the school to instill in our children a sense of social decorum and responsibility.

Prior to entering a classroom, a child should have had been taught these fundamentals at home.

The purpose of teachers is to instruct students in academic subjects including reading, writing, and arithmetic. Not possible if the kid doesn’t know how to act. If a child is struggling, before blaming anyone else, the parent should take a good, hard look at themselves to make sure they are meeting their own standards and obligations.

A child’s parents are the first educators they encounter.

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