My clothes are never pure white

Keeping the white clothes shiny after each wash is a challenge.Expensive cleaners or detergents may not work, and they may all be chemicals.
But stains will now not be your problem, due to the fact we can provide you with the perfect way to put off stains and preserve your clothes white each time.
++Baking soda
Dissolve 1 cup of baking powder in four liters of water and moisten your clothes.This is an easy way to do it.
++ Aspirin
Dissolve 6 crushed aspirin tablets in a little water. Soak your clothes for 1/2 of an hour, and wash as usual. You nevertheless experience carrying your ideal white dress.
++Vinegar and Lemon
A mixture of vinegar and lemon juice is the most effective detergent.Use it to wash your clothes and you will never see nasty stains again.You will really like the citrus scent on your clothes.
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