McDonald’s has turned its golden arches upside down to make a distinctive statement.

In an extraordinary display of symbolism, the globally renowned fast-food giant, McDonald’s, undertook a remarkable gesture by inverting its iconic golden arches. This inversion served as a powerful tribute to women, a resounding celebration of their distinct beauty and intrinsic worth.

This remarkable event transpired on the 8th of March in 2018, coinciding with International Women’s Day—a momentous occasion universally recognized for honoring women’s outstanding achievements across the social, economic, cultural, and political spectrum.

Observers of this astonishing visual transformation found themselves momentarily rendered speechless, as if they had ventured into an alternate dimension. Speculation ran rampant, with some erroneously linking this decision to a pre-existing dispute involving Wendy’s.

However, these conjectures proved to be entirely unfounded. A spokesperson for McDonald’s unveiled the true motive, confirming that this inversion represented a bold declaration of “celebrating women worldwide.”

The McDonald’s establishment in Lynwood, California, served as the canvas for this innovative logo reversal, while social media platforms immortalized the traditional arches.

Wendy Lewis, Chief Diversity Officer at McDonald’s, made a historic declaration, stating, “For the first time in our brand’s history, we reversed our iconic arches on International Women’s Day to pay homage to the remarkable accomplishments of women everywhere, particularly within our own restaurants.”

These sentiments underscored the notion that this gesture epitomized the remarkable achievements of women within the McDonald’s industry.

Lauren Altman, the company’s representative, expounded on the purpose behind the new design, emphasizing that it was meticulously crafted to honor women’s global achievements.

“Our heritage is replete with instances of empowering women in the professional sphere, fostering their growth and success,” Altman affirmed.

“In the United States, our mosaic of diversity is a source of pride, and we are delighted to announce that presently, six out of every ten restaurant managers are women,” she added, underscoring the company’s unwavering commitment to promoting gender equality.

This commitment was translated into tangible changes, including new uniforms, badges, and packaging designs at over a hundred locations.

However, McDonald’s was not alone in acknowledging women’s achievements and advocating for gender parity.

Johnnie Walker, for instance, entered this transformative narrative by introducing a ‘Jane Walker’ bottle and pledging to contribute one dollar from each sale to initiatives supporting women’s progress.

“Meaningful discussions regarding gender equity are at the core of our ethos,” affirmed Stephanie Jacoby, vice president of Johnnie Walker.

The present moment was deemed opportune to introduce our Jane Walker emblem and collaborate with progressive organizations who share our mission. We commend the accomplishments of women and those working tirelessly towards gender equality.”

A well-established brand, Brawny, opted to replace its iconic Brawny Man with a female representation and committed to donating $100,000 to Girls, Inc. as part of this collaborative endeavor. This joint effort vividly illustrated the unwavering commitment of diverse organizations to forging a more equitable future.

In conclusion, the act of inverting the arches transcended mere symbolism, signifying profound respect for women’s accomplishments and steadfast support for gender equality.

These initiatives hold far-reaching implications, extending beyond a single day, serving as a poignant reminder that progress flourishes when inclusivity and empowerment take root.


What is the purpose of the recent McDonald’s logo change with the inverted arches? The recent logo change with the inverted arches at McDonald’s was a symbolic gesture to honor and celebrate women worldwide, particularly on International Women’s Day. It’s a recognition of their exceptional achievements, both within McDonald’s and in broader society.

Did this logo change have any connection to a dispute with Wendy’s? No, this logo change had no connection to any dispute with Wendy’s. It was solely a meaningful tribute to women’s achievements and not related to any rivalry.

How did McDonald’s show its commitment to gender equality beyond the logo change? McDonald’s demonstrated its commitment to gender equality through various means, including changes in uniforms, badges, and packaging designs at numerous locations. They also emphasized their dedication to gender parity, with six out of every ten restaurant managers in the United States being women.

Are there other companies that have shown support for gender equality in similar ways? Yes, several other companies have shown support for gender equality in various ways. For example, Johnnie Walker introduced a ‘Jane Walker’ bottle and pledged to donate a portion of sales to projects supporting women’s advancement. Brawny replaced its iconic Brawny Man with a female representation and made a significant donation to Girls, Inc. These actions reflect a broader commitment to creating a more equitable future.

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