Jamie Foxx Is ‘On His Way to Recovery’ Following a ‘Medical Complication’

Taking to Instagram, Corinne Foxx, the actor’s daughter, shared an update on her father’s condition following a recent “medical complication.”

In a statement representing the Foxx family, Corinne conveyed, “We wanted to inform everyone that my father, Jamie Foxx, experienced a medical issue yesterday.”

The statement continued, “Fortunately, he is already well on the road to recovery, thanks to swift action and outstanding medical care. We are deeply grateful for the love and prayers he’s received, and we kindly request privacy during this period.”

Jamie Foxx, aged 55, was last seen on the set of Cameron Diaz’s upcoming Netflix project, “Back In Action.” This highly anticipated film marks Diaz’s return to the big screen since her role in the 2014 remake of “Annie,” where she also starred alongside Foxx.

Although details about the premise of “Back in Action” have been closely guarded by Netflix, insiders have hinted at the fantastic chemistry between the “Charlie’s Angels” star and Foxx during filming.

A source close to the film shared that Foxx’s involvement played a significant role in convincing Diaz to take on another movie project. “When this opportunity arose, and Jamie Foxx, with whom she has a long-standing professional relationship, reached out, she decided to embrace it,” the source explained.

Before diving into filming, the actor celebrated his birthday in December by sharing a nostalgic black-and-white childhood photo and reflecting on his journey. In his caption, he humorously noted, “Celebrating this big-headed boy’s birthday. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. If it’s my birthday, it’s your birthday too!”

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