I’ve never disclosed my occupation to my kids. I never wanted them to feel bad about myself in front of others

I’ve never revealed my profession to my kids intentionally. I didn’t want them to feel ashamed of me or have any negative feelings when others asked about my job.

My youngest daughter occasionally inquired about my work, but I always sidestepped her questions with vague responses. I simply told her I was a worker and swiftly changed the subject to divert her attention.

Before returning home to my family, I would take showers in public restrooms to ensure I arrived home clean and my children wouldn’t suspect or question my occupation.

All these efforts were aimed at preventing any suspicion or inquiries about my job. My top priority was my children’s education. I wanted them to focus on their studies without any worries or feelings of embarrassment for me.

I desired for my daughters to carry themselves with pride in front of others. The last thing I wanted was for anyone to think less of them, as many did of me.

I was frequently embarrassed by others, which led me to dedicate every bit of my income to my girls’ education. I hoped for a different life for them than the one I had.

Instead of spending money on new clothes, I chose to invest in books for my daughters. All I asked in return was for them to respect our relationship. I worked in janitorial services.

The day my daughter was going to apply for college, I couldn’t come up with the money she needed because I couldn’t work that day. I didn’t know how to hide my tears so that my daughter wouldn’t see, but inside, I felt devastated for not being successful enough to provide for her needs.

My coworkers noticed my distress, but no one approached me to inquire about my well-being or offer help.

My thoughts were solely focused on the moment when my daughter would ask about the money for her college application. I felt overwhelmed because I hadn’t achieved the success in life to support my children adequately.

My family had a modest income, and I always believed that a man with such limited means couldn’t hope for anything pleasant or happy in life.

However, at the end of the workday, something entirely unexpected occurred. All my colleagues gathered around me and contributed their earnings from that day.

I tried to decline their generous offer, but I couldn’t even finish speaking before they insisted that our children deserved the chance to attend college for a better future.

Their kind gesture left me speechless. From that day on, I decided not to visit public restrooms for showers and instead, I proudly went home in my work attire.

One of my children has already completed her studies and won’t allow me to continue working. My eldest daughter is employed, and my other three daughters are financing their education independently.

I still have the desire to work, but my eldest daughter insists on driving me to work. She also brings lunch for me and my coworkers.

When asked why she does this, she replied that she would forever be grateful that they all sacrificed one day’s meal to help her attend college.

I am immensely proud of all my children, and I no longer feel like a man of limited means. How can I be considered poor when I have such incredible children?

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