Industrial Message Board

This message board was an idea that popped into my head when I was browsing through some old material. In my house, we always struggle when we get to the grocery store because no one seems to remember what we need. I created this industry message board primarily for use on our grocery list. However, as soon as I posted it and saw that everyone
The supplies you’ll need
2 boards 1x4x8
12″ tube
1 1/2″ lid <
1 1/2″ gas flange
1 elbow 90 degrees
1 glass door
2 washers
2D episodes.
6 screws (#10 3/4 inch)
12 illustrators hide paper
screw gun
nail gun
First I bought the 1x4x8 foot planks, while at Lowes I cut them all down to 32″. This gave me 6 panels and allowed me to fit them better in the car. Then to start, I put the 5 boards in a row and made sure they were all even. With my 6th board I used the saw and cut it to 17 with the remaining board which should be the 15 I used on the bottom.
After all my boards were screwed together, I used my electric sander to sand and smooth all the edges. The edges are often jagged and can leave splinters when cutting, so this was an easy way to prevent this.
Once I was happy and all the edges were smoothed out, I walked out onto my patio and stained all the way. I chose to wear gloves and I highly recommend this because stains can be messy! I hate it when my nails get stained. I also suggest making 2 coats of stain depending on your color, I used Minwax Provincial color.
Another way to avoid staining your nails and hands is to ask your husband for help! I made my husband do all the staining. If she does get some helping hand, keep her close by for the next step.
Once the board is seated and the wood has soaked up the stain, you’ll need to tape all of the metal pieces together. The flange will be from the elbow 90 degrees followed by the tube. Once the tube is screwed in, you will slide your roll of paper and secure it to the cap. Once you have all that done, use your screws and secure the flange. I chose to center mine inside the first panel.
Here you will take the spring and washers to attach it to the board. At the bottom, approximately 3 inches above the crossover board, place the washer on the bolt and screw into the spring.
I flipped the board here and got my 2D rings about 5 inches off the top of the board. This way I can easily suspend my project and move it easily.
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