I Refused to Give My Ex-wife Money for Food for Her and Our Kids as I Discovered Her True Intentions

In November 2023, an anonymous man shared his story on the “AITA” subreddit, detailing a complex condition involving his ex-wife’s plea for guidance. Irrespective of their divorce and subsequent remarriages, the gentleman managed 50/50 custody of their young children, aged 15 and 12. When his ex-spouse faced monetary hardship immediately after her most recent partner left her, she attained out to him for assistance with groceries.

To begin with considering the ask for, the male in the end decided to give his ex-wife a generous source of foodstuff from his freezer and pantry, including elk, venison, wild hog, and many other meats. On the other hand, instead of accepting this supply, his ex-wife asked for funds for takeout, which the gentleman declined, insisting that he experienced furnished ample foods for her and the little ones.

The man’s refusal to supply dollars led to accusations from his ex-spouse, who accused him of anticipating gratitude for what she perceived as “scraps.” Irrespective of standing company in his decision, the man found himself at the centre of controversy, with some criticizing him for not conference his ex-wife’s request for funds.

Even so, most commenters on the internet sided with the male, deeming him “NTA” (Not The A**gap). They praised his technique of supplying food stuff fairly than dollars, likening it to obtaining a food for a panhandler fairly than providing revenue right. Numerous expressed confusion over his ex-wife’s response and supported his choice to prioritize his children’s properly-currently being.

In my feeling, the male was justified in refusing to give cash to his ex-wife. He demonstrated legitimate generosity by supplying a considerable supply of food stuff to assist alleviate her economical struggles, especially considering his duty for their children’s welfare all through his custody intervals. If I were in his location, I would probably have taken a very similar tactic, prioritizing functional aid around income handouts.

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