I don’t have a funny to share, but I do have a very sweet story to share

I don’t have a funny to share, but I do have a very sweet story to share. I’m a wedding event coordinator and this happened.
I did this wedding, I went up to the brides coordinator to ask (30mins before ceremony) are we on-time? Yes the party is ready just waiting for the actual time. Ok Great. About 10mins before wedding one of the groomsman comes out and says…wedding is on hold. Wait what why? He says as calmly as possible and as natural as possible “Grandma’s not here” the groom can’t start without grandma. Ok so Grandma is about 15mins away no biggie (grandma was actually 30mins away) we no joke waited, I mean it’s Grandma, I would have waited too. Grandma gets there and she’s a HOOT (grandma is yelling at someone) “no I don’t want that big honking clunker I’m going to walk into MY GRANDSONS WEDDING” 2 men helped this lady to her seat. That I thought was so sweet. Then the night gets even better.
Grandma is still at the reception its also very late. She’s swaying to the music she’s holding onto the table trying to dance she sits every so often. The Groom sees this. He says something to the DJ and comes over to Grandma may I have this dance. Never NEVER had I seen such a small frail lady get up so fast lol. He motions to the dj and plays a slow song…here comes grandma she yelled at the dj and said “sonny I’m here to jam so pump it up…(I died laughing so hard) the dj complies I mean don’t you when an 80yr woman tells you what do to. The Dj quickly changed the tune. Announces well Grandma wants to Jam and she said to pump it up so he plays the song Pump Up The Jam. Lol grandma is there dancing like she in her prime with her grandson in the middle of the dance floor with 2 men beside her ready to catch her should she fall.
It was the most sweetest thing I’ve witnessed in a long time. The most funny part of all this was at the very end Grandma tells someone with her she’ll take that clunker now. Still having no idea what she needs or should have, turns out it was a big walker. Lol this little frail grandma who was just jamming dancing her heart out walks out one clunk at a time lol.
Kuddos to everyone that stops, waits & takes time out for Grandma.
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