Husband-To-Be Doesn’t Want His Fiancée To Wear A White Dress – The Reason Is Shocking

When the wedding day came around, a woman was determined to wear a beautiful white gown. What her soon-to-be-husband did, though, was not what she expected.

He told her she had to wear red instead of white when she surprised him with the white dress.

Find out the truth about his shocking request by reading on.

Someone wrote in Reddit’s “Off My Chest” thread without giving her name. In the beginning, she said that she and her fiancé had been together for six years and had been engaged for eight months. Her fiancé, whom she called Ryan, sometimes gave his opinion, but she did most of the planning for the wedding.

About a month ago, in October, Ryan asked OP (Original Poster) for something they didn’t expect. He said that he and some coworkers had been talking about wedding plans and that he thought she shouldn’t wear a white dress.

The original poster didn’t understand Ryan’s idea, but she ignored it for now because she thought it was related to his artistic side. At first, she thought it might have something to do with the wedding shots or some other creative thought.

After the fight, she couldn’t help but be “disgusted” by what he did, which made her think twice about their future together.

But OP was adamant that she wanted to wear white, and she told him this. Ryan seemed to be both annoyed and annoyed, but in the end he let the matter go.

What did the woman do after she bought the white wedding dress?

The woman finally bought her wedding dress two weeks before the wedding, which caused a lot of trouble with her fiancé. He was clearly annoyed and insisted on seeing the dress, but she politely refused because she wanted to keep the surprise for their big day.

He went even further and asked what color the dress was. When she told him it was white, his response was nothing short of explosive. Because a white wedding dress is usually what women choose, she didn’t understand why she was so set on having one. When she asked him why he liked red so much, Ryan told her a shocking belief: he thought brides should only wear white if they were “pure.”

To give you some background, OP started dating her fiancé when she was 21 and he was just 20. He had never been with a partner before they met, while she had been with her high school love for four years. Even though they had been insecure at first, they seemed to have moved past those feelings—until that moment.

Ryan asked his mother for help to try to convince the woman to see things his way, but she ended up agreeing with her. There was a heated argument in the living room between Ryan, his mother, and OP about what the dress she picked meant.

He was no longer a virgin, and even his mother told him so. She suggested that he wear red too. Ryan started to cry during the argument, but he argued that she should not wear white because he thought it would trick their wedding guests and that the rules were different for men.

What Did the Woman Choose?

After that, things happened that made OP doubt his plans to marry Ryan. After the fight, she couldn’t help but be “disgusted” by what he did, which made her think twice about their future together.

Even stranger, Ryan, who wasn’t religious, was obsessed with her past, especially the time she lost her virginity when she was 18. This was a long time before they met. This new information made her feel very bad, so she let out all of her anger and asked anyone who would listen to understand.

In an update on the “Dating Advice” thread on November 24, 2022, OP was in a completely different situation. When she was in her late 20s, she broke off her engagement. That night was her first date in six years.

In November, she had her first date in a few years at a beautiful seafood restaurant on the water in North Carolina. She wasn’t sure what to wear. People who commented said she should wear red.

Do you agree with OP’s decision to end her relationship after reading this story? If not, what would you have done?

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