Hungry Teens Leave The Smallest Tip But Then The Waiter Gets A Letter

People in the United States understand a simple fact about eating at a restaurant. When you eat out, you are expected to tip.

Servers make the majority of their money from tips, and although it is not obligatory that you give a certain amount, it is thought to be incredibly rude if you don’t pay enough. Many servers will even go out of their way to be friendly so they get a bigger tip.

waiter one time shared a story about receiving a tip at a nice restaurant. There was a large group of people but when he went back to the table, they had only left $3.28.

He couldn’t quite figure out why they had only left a small amount because he had given them exceptional service. He then shrugged it off, remembering that they were only 13 years old and they were out eating at a restaurant by themselves for the first time.

After that day, he didn’t give it much thought but then one day, he got a letter in the mail. It was something totally unexpected and it really opened his eyes to the fact that you should never judge a person before you understand the whole truth.

See more about the letter and his reaction in the following video:

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