How To Keep Head Lice Away From Children (And Adults!)

Dealing with head lice can be a discouraging encounter for any parent, but prevention can be less difficult than you may well feel. A person successful technique is incorporating tea tree oil into your every day plan.

Kim Wright, a mother, shared a beneficial tip on Facebook, especially timely with the back again-to-school time. By introducing a number of drops of tea tree oil to your children’s shampoo or creating a diluted tea tree oil spray for their hair, you can drastically decrease the danger of lice infestation.

This all-natural treatment is not only powerful from lice but also repels mosquitoes. In spite of our ideal endeavours, some children might nevertheless get lice. If that occurs, there are several procedures to reduce them efficiently.

It’s vital to don’t forget that lice can have an effect on grown ups as effectively, so consider using the tea tree oil spray for oneself as a preventive measure. Lice infestations are a nuisance, but with these proactive methods, you can maintain your loved ones lice-free.

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