We spend almost 3 years of our lives there, they are part of our daily routine and an essential place in every home: toilets, although cramped and often hidden, deserve special attention!
Sure, this is never fun, but very necessary…Don’t worry, we’ve come up with a quick fix to make your toilet shine in 3 minutes flat. are you ready ? Follow the guide!
 You need
Homemade vinegar spray (for the recipe, go here)
toilet brush
A pair of rubber household gloves
clean rag
Tea tree essential oil
1 minute: out of the toilet
We often forget the outside of the toilet, in favor of the toilet bowl…but the scale can also get stuck there, and it can damage your toilet beyond repair. Therefore, your first task will be to make the exterior parts of your toilet shine. Armed with a white vinegar spray, spray and polish all of the exteriors shown in the photo below: