hope this gets approved I just want y’all to be educated on this since this post is going around.
There is a picture of Ranger that has been shared Ranger does have dwarfism, the picture that I have posted though is a picture of my dog prince who is also a full-blooded German Shepherd with this genetic mutation. He is 8 months old, a foot tall counting ears and 12lbs.
May be an image of dog and indoor
We did not know he had dwarfism until later on when we saw that he was not growing. Dogs with this condition have many health issues that are very costly ($200 plus monthly) so please do not seek out what is called a mini shepherd or a German Shepherd with dwarfism unless you’re able to properly take care of them. They will only live to be about 5 years old without medical help, and Ranger in that picture may be very cute but dogs with this condition actually lose their fur and have to be put on thyroid medicines usually to help their fur come back hopefully. They also can experience heart issues that will need surgery, bow legs, they are infertile, have way less hormones than they should, and etc etc
May be an image of dog and indoor
We were offered another dog when we found out about Prince issue, we chose not to and kept him luckily right now he is very healthy he is just losing his fur and he is going to the vet for that 馃挄 but he may experience health issues later on in life, I don’t know how long we have with him but I will make sure his life is the best every way I can

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