Henry Winkler is still in love with his beautiful wife of 44 years after she recovered from cancer twice


With 3 kids and a loving 44-year marriage, many would be surprised to know that Henry Winkler and his wife almost never saw each other again after their first meeting in a clothing store. 

Henry Winkler is perhaps best known for his role as Arthur Fonzarelli on “Happy Days”, but should also be recognized for his devoted marriage to his wife, Stacey. It’s hard to imagine that the two almost never made it to their first date...


Henry Winkler is a name most people are familiar with because of the iconic roles the actor has portrayed in his long career. Most notably, Winkler is known for his role of Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli in “Happy Days,” a character that is still highly referenced in pop culture today.

When Stacey and Henry met, the respective public-relations employee and actor found themselves in a clothing store that was a client of Stacey’s firm. While looking for a sport coat, Henry asked Stacey for some help, and the rest was history.

On the James Corden show, Corden surprised Henry with a picture from his and Stacey’s wedding day. Winkler’s response was to say how Stacey is still as beautiful now as she was on their wedding day.

Henry is not the only one to express their love in public. She often shows support for her still-busy husband with posts and photos on social media.

While 44 years of marriage is never easy, the couple has often been open about working together to overcome the challenges that life brings.

”It does take work. There are glitches in the road, and you get a little off kilter, but if you have the ability and the stick-to-itiveness based on love, then your friendship and your relationship only gets better,” Stacey once explained to People.

Today, Winkler and his wife adore being grandparents. Winkler never got to experience a bond with his grandparents since all of them were taken to concentration camps during the holocaust and hence cherishes the relationship he has with his grandkids.

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He told an interviewer about one of his grandchildren recognizing him from television. He said, “my wife and I babysat our four-year-old grandson, who is allowed to watch one show before he goes to bed. He has Happy Days on his DVR. He turned to me, he said, ‘That’s you. Your hair was different. You were skinnier then’”

He said his grandchildren were too young to realize that he was a famous actor and to them he was merely their doting grandfather “Papa” which was good enough for him.

The two should truly be an inspiration to the rest of us for their realism, courage, and love as individuals and a couple

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