“Hello from Texas! I need to take a minute and brag about this girl right here. My daughter Meadow is a sophomore at Construction Careers Academy studying plumbing, pipe fitting, and welding. She’s one of only a handful of girls in her school. On Monday, our pipes burst after having single digit temperatures in west San Antonio. We had no power and water and had to go stay at my mom’s for the past five days. It was 34 degrees in our house. Today Meadow went with me to the hardware store, picked out all the parts we needed, and did the repairs completely independently! This girl is only 15 years old and thanks to her, her three younger Autistic brothers, and I can finally go home. She even swallowed her social anxiety and knocked on the neighbor’s door to see if they needed help with their pipes. Everyone worried about us down here in Texas, just know, we have a whole group of amazing young people who are going to change the world!”

Credit: Tracy Sinha

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