He Got Pulled Over And Walked Away Without A Ticket

In today’s world, discussions about encounters with the police often dominate the news, and the narratives aren’t always positive. We’re exposed to various opinions, including advice on how to handle such situations, which we may choose to follow or disregard.

However, there are moments when someone manages to outwit the system, as demonstrated in this humorous anecdote. The protagonist had a well-thought-out plan that led to a rather unexpected outcome.

It’s important to note that I wouldn’t recommend attempting this in real life, but you can certainly enjoy a good chuckle while reading about it.

Late one night this guy is speeding down the empty road.

A cop sees him go flying past so chases him and pulls him over. The cop goes up to the car and when the man rolls down the window, he asks, “Are you aware of how fast you were going, sir?”

The man replies, “Yes I am. I’m trying to escape a robbery I got involved in.”

The cop looks at him disbelievingly and asks him, “Were you the one being robbed, sir?”

The man casually replies, “Oh no, I was the one who committed the robbery. I was escaping.”

The cop is shocked and surprised that the man has admitted this so freely. He says, “So you’re telling me you were speeding… AND committed a robbery?”

“Oh yes,” replies the man calmly. “I have all the loot in the back.”

The cop is now starting to get angry and says, “Sir, I’m afraid you have to come with me” as he reaches into the window to take the car keys out of the ignition.

The man shouts, “Don’t do that! I’m afraid that you’ll find the gun in my glove compartment!”

At this, the cop pulls his hand out of the window and says, “Wait here” as he returns to his car and calls for backup.

Soon there are cars, cops, and helicopters all over, everywhere you look.

The man is quickly dragged out of his car, handcuffed, and taken towards a cop car.

However, just before he is put in the car and taken away a cop walks up to him and says, while pointing at the cop that pulled him over:

“Sir, this officer tells us that you had committed a robbery, had stolen loot in the trunk of your car, and had a loaded gun in your glove compartment. However, we didn’t find any of these things in your car.”

The man replies, “Yeah, and I bet that liar said I was speeding too!”

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