“…hmmm…but that’s great ! Then it’s avalanche… follow by “Very good! et “Name b… (Pep) in the wood it’s a ball! etc, etc…a small fruit salad that didn’t seem to have had an effect and everyone found themselves around the same hustle…until they did. There’s more,… “Dorian on his blog” but why am I telling you this? “

  • Ingredients :

Strawberrie or season fruits
°300 g cane sugar
°40 cl water
°1-orange (juice)
°1-orange peel
°0.5 lemon (juice)
°0. 5 lemon peel
°2 vanilla bean
°2 cinnamon sticks
°4 star anise or star anise
°4 cloves

May be an image of 1 person, fruit and text that says "Raise your hand if you would eat that"

  • Preparation :

Leave the water and sugar to boil. Adding all other ingredients also simmer about ten minutes.
Meanwhile, peel the fruit and chop it to your liking.
After the ten minutes have passed, let the syrup cool and pour it over the fruit.
Put everything in the fridge for a good hour, and serve chilled but not too much.

Enjoy !!!

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