A good friend will always give you a lift ❤️



This whole breastfeeding in public thing is getting out of control…



Cows love their new dog friend 🥰




The best moment ❤




This should be a feature in every car 😂

And the best story

Well Ruger saved me a hospital trip maybe even my life. He has never bitten me beside playing but today while walking the lake as we always do he became pretty aggressive nipping at me then wrapped my leg and his dew claws really dig in I turned to scold him and he ran around me like trying to avoid me.

I turned to grab him and he had a copper head backed against a log and he tried to k.* .l.l him till I got a stick to finish him off. Literally almost filled my eyes with tears knowing he risked his life to save me. I literally sat down with him and held him. This guy is by far my guardian. Best dog ever award goes to this guy. Rather have this cut that the bite from that copperhead any day. Thankful for my best friend.


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