Baby With Red Birthmark Called ‘Hideous’ And ‘Defective’, But Wait Till You See This Beautiful Kid Now

A newborn baby, like every other human being, is stunning in its own unique way.

In 2018, Angelica was born to ecstatic parents and siblings. A heart-shaped port wine stain complemented her already stunning features. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciated the value of her singular stamp.

Angelica’s mother says that her daughter is loved and welcomed by the family despite her birthmark, but that some others feel entitled to judgment on the way she looks.

Someone questioned if she had forced her face onto a griddle, and it was the worst comment I’ve ever gotten online.

Marianna Bowering, Angelica’s mother, told the Mirror that people had commented that her daughter’s face looked “grilled.”

Marianna added that her daughter has been called “hideous” and a “defect” at times.

This impacted the family negatively and contributed to the difficulties they were already facing, but they were determined to move past it.

No matter what people said, Angelica’s family encouraged her to love herself the way she is.

Marianna painted her daughter’s face to look like it had a birthmark like Angelica’s in the hopes that this would make her feel better.

“I got the idea from vascular birthmark awareness day, where they encourage people to paint a heart on the cheeks,” the mom said, according to The Epoch Times. “Initially I just did the heart with my makeup look but then I thought why don’t I go all out and do Angelica’s port wine stain.”

Whenever someone tried to ‘comfort’ Marianna that her daughter’s mark would eventually fade away or that she could hide it with makeup once she gets older only crushed this mother even more as she couldn’t help but wonder if Angelica would be forced to hide her natural beauty instead of embracing it.

It was a stark reminder that there are societal expectations for how a member of the group should look.

Angelica has been encouraged by her loved ones to accept and embrace her unique qualities. In an effort to make her daughter’s wine port stain sparkle, Marianna would sometimes cover it with glitter.

“Thankfully, we’ve done tests and Angelica is totally healthy,” Marianna said of her girl, referring to the fact that children with these types of birthmarks can develop other health conditions. “We just need to have regular check-ups, especially for her eyes as glaucoma can be a concern.”

We think it’s wonderful that Angelica is learning to accept and even celebrate her birthmark.

Don’t you think she’s a stunning young woman?

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