I’ve been on an apple addiction lately! Since the beginning of October, when the temperatures have finally begun to cool, I have been slaving away in the kitchen, with the majority of my most latest works being apple-based. I enjoy apple recipes all year long, but for some reason, many people believe that apples are similar to pumpkins and that baking with them is an only seasonal activity. What are your thoughts? Fortunately, it is technically autumn, so baking this apple cinnamon bread is perfectly acceptable!
Baked at home from scratch, this Apple Cinnamon Bread is quick and simple to prepare and will fill your home with a wonderful aroma. This quick bread recipe is sure to become a fall favorite, thanks to the addition of delicious spiced apples and the addition of cinnamon sugar on top. With a nice crumb and a mild sweetness, this apple cinnamon quick bread is a great fall breakfast, snack, or dessert option for the season. The chopped apple in the middle, mixed with brown sugar and fall spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg, all this delicious ingredients make this bread extremely moist without being doughy and keeps it fresh for several days.
Warm out of the oven, this cinnamon apple loaf bread is delicious, but I find that it tastes even better the next day or two! After the bread has been allowed to rest, the flavor of the cinnamon apples becomes even more apparent. The perfect solution for hectic days when you don’t have time to bake in one sitting!
What I also enjoy about baking this bread is that it leaves a wonderful scent in the house afterward! There’s no need for fall candles when you make this simple recipe, which includes all of your favorite fall scents!
• 190 grams.Of all-purpose flour.
• Baking powder, I used 1¾ small spoons.
• ½ small spoon.Of kosher salt.
• ½ small spoon.Of kosher cinnamon.
• An unsalted stick.Of butter at room temp.
• 100 grams.Of granulated white sugar.
• 2 whole eggs.
• 1½ small spoon.Of vanilla extract.
• 120 ml.Of almond milk.
• Two peeled apples, you need to chop them.
• 50 grams.Of brown sugar.
• One small spoon.Of ground cinnamon.
• A pinch of ground nutmeg.
• A large spoon.Of granulated sugar.
• Half a large spoon.Of cinnamon powder.
• Step 1: To start the preparation of this bread recipe, I greased a 9×5 inch loaf pan and set the tempo of the oven to 350 degrees F (=180 degrees C).
 Step 2: Next and In a small mixing basin, I whisked together the flour with baking powder, kosher salt, and ground cinnamon until completely mixed and well-combined.
• Step 3: After that, I creamed the soft butter with white sugar in a stand mixer bowl with the paddle attachment for approximately 4 minutes, until pale and fluffy, you can also use a regular hand mixer.
Step 4: In the same bowl, I whisked together the eggs one at a time until well integrated, and just when I’ve finished, I stir in the vanilla extract and continued mixing until everything was well incorporated.
• Step 5: At this step, I added one-third of the flour mixture and mixed on low until nearly mixed, then I added half of the milk and mixed until just blended with the mixer running on low speed.
• Step 6: To finish, I added one more third of the flour mixture, then the remaining half of the milk, and I beat until just the ingredients have been combined.
NOTE 1: Be careful not to over-mix!
• Step 7: I chopped the apple and mixed them with the brown sugar, ground cinnamon, and a small pinch of ground nutmeg in a bowl until smooth.
• Step 8: And I poured half of the batter in the loaf pan, then half of the apple mixture, then the final half of the batter, then the last half of the apple mixture, and I swirled the batter with a knife before sprinkling sugar and cinnamon on top.
Step 9: For around 45 to 55 minutes, I baked the bread just until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean, with just a few wet crumbs attached, bake the cake.
NOTE 2: Keep an eye on the baking time since it varies from one oven to the next.
• Step 10: And following that, I allowed the bread to cool in the pan for 15 minutes before transferring it to a wire rack, and before slicing it, I let it cool fully.
NOTE 3: Leftover bread may be stored at room temperature for up to 4 days if it is covered.
• When making this bread, you may substitute half of the butter with unsweetened applesauce to make it a little bit healthier for you. This adds an additional apple bite to the bread while also lowering the calorie count. The crumb may not be as light as it might be, but it is still delicious.
• This bread can stay fresh at room temperature for up to 4 days if kept covered. I believe it tastes even better the following day, although the majority of the time it is gone on the first day of consumption.
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