Homemade white Amish bread is perfect on day one for burgers, and the day after for French toast, grilled cheese, or toast. A great bakery recipe that makes at home is an absolute treasure.
* Ingredients :
° 2 cups warm water about 110-120 degrees
° white sugar cups
° 1½ tablespoons yeast
° 1½ tsp salt
° Half a cup of vegetable oil
° 6 cups of flour
* directione :
Put sugar and water in a bowl
Sprinkle the yeast and let it dissolve for 5-15 minutes
Add salt, oil and half the flour.
Add the remaining flour. Switch to the dough hook and mix them away from the sides.
Roll it out on a floured surface and knead it shortly
Placing in greased bowl also turn to covering both sides.
Put a wrap or a warm damp cloth over it
Set apart in cloud-free area also allow to rise to doubled in size. for 1 hour
Remove the cap and punch down.
Placing on a floured surface and cut in half.
Placing in shape of a rectangle and roll the “jelly” on the loaf.
The ends of the pinch are also placed in greased 9 * 5 baking trays.
Repeat with the other half.
The cap also allows it to double in size, for 30-50 minutes.
Heat the oven to 350 degrees.
Once doubled in size, bake for 25-30 minutes.
Pull it out and brush it with butter.
Let it rest for 10 minutes before removing it to the cooling rack.

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