A Woman Who Married A Ragdoll Says Life With Kids Is Complicated

There are many ways to find love. And it’s not always easy. This woman found love in a very unusual way. Now she has news that will shock everyone…

Read on to find out more about this interesting story.

Being married to 37-year-old Meirivone Rocha Moraes made news all over the world. She is from Brazil. What made her wedding famous all over the world? The person she picked to marry! She married Marcelo, a life-sized rag doll.

It is said that the pair now has three children. a son named Marcelinho who is 1 year old and twin girls named Marcela and Emilia who are 1 month old.


Meirivone says that her family life is no different from the lives of any other mother and wife. On TikTok, she tells people about her life. They have split up their parenting chores evenly between the two of them, she says. Marcelo, on the other hand, thinks about how to pay the family’s bills.

She also talks about how hard it has been having kids. “It’s not easy but at the same time, I get emotional every moment, every second. In everyday life, Marcelo and I have a lot of tasks with the new babies, as well as looking after our first child. And even when I’m tired, he helps me bathe, eat and sleep.”

Even though Marcelo is stressed out, she says that everything they have is worth it. Meirivone said, “He always dreamed of having a family and children, even though he looked forward to many things.”

These days, the couple wants to own their own house. Adding, “My dream now is to own my own house,” she added. “Since our wedding in 2018, I’ve been scouring the internet every day. I won’t give up,” the determined mom of three explained.


There are some problems with the connection that make it stand out. Their lives haven’t always been smooth. Meirivone told Marcelo he had cheated on her that June 2023. It wasn’t the first time he did it. She punished him by putting him to sleep on the couch and taking out his private parts.

Their child Marcelinho was taken in February 2023, and a $200 ransom was asked for. Since then, he’s been back with his family, and he was also there when they told everyone what kid they were having.

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