A surprising history behind this unique vegetable

Even though it is frequently consumed in a savory way, when we think of an eggplant, we picture a long, purple fruit, not like these.

In a dish or by themselves, eggplant is a fantastic complement! They can be added to any dish, roasted on the grill, or baked with cheese and tomato sauce.

But have you ever considered the fruit’s peculiar name? Traditional eggplants don’t resemble eggs at all.

However, this name now makes a lot more sense thanks to this popular Reddit image!

Let’s learn more about the distinctions between the white and purple eggplants now that we know how eggplants actually look before they develop into the beloved kind we know and love.

As opposed to the more typical deep purple tint, white eggplants, often referred to as white aubergines, are a kind of eggplant.

While the picture may give the impression that all white eggplants are little, they can also develop to be longer. Similarly, there are times when purple eggplants are small and rounded.

Fresh organic white eggplant vegetable

Regarding flavor, all eggplant has the potential to be rather bitter and rough when raw. If the fruit is not cooked beforehand, it practically has the texture of a sponge.

It is an excellent food for absorbing the tastes of whatever it is paired with when it is cooked. They can be grilled, roasted, sautéed, fritted, baked, or fried. They go especially well with foods that have delicate flavors or light sauces.

It can overcook and become too mushy to enjoy.

Specialty Produce describes the flavor of white eggplant as “fruity and mild” and characterizes cooked white eggplant as “warm” and “mellow”.

It is advised to remove the thicker skin from a white eggplant before cooking or eating due to its thickness. Due to its thinner skin, purple eggplant can be consumed.

Although white eggplants are less common than traditional eggplants, home gardeners can frequently find them in specialized stores or through online seed catalogs.

In a Chinese book on agriculture from 544, eggplants were first referenced as a fruit with a strange name. According to legend, the fruit’s name was given by European farmers in the 1700s. The farmers gave them their name because they reminded them of goose or duck eggs at the time since they resembled little white or yellow eggs.

Did you realize that eggplants can have this appearance? Comment below and let us know!

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