A man was watching his wife while she is frying sausages in a pan. Before she puts the sausages in the pan, she cuts off the two ends, throws them away, and cooks the middle part of the sausage. Het husband looks at her, and then asks: “Honey, why do you always cut of the two ends of the sausage before frying it”. The woman answers that she doesn’t know, she has learned to do that from her mother.
The next day, they visit the mother, and the woman asks her why she has been taught to cut off the ends of the sausage before frying it. “I actually don’t know, that is what my mother, your grandmother always told me to do. We should go and ask her.” So the two women leave the house, and go to visit the grandmother.
“Grandmother, why did you learn us to cut of the ends of a sausage before frying it” the daughter asks. “It’s a family tradition, the grandmother says, I don’t know. I just did it because my mother, your great-grandmother did it. We should visit her, she’s in the retirement home. “
The three women go to visit the retirement home, and meet the great-grandmother, who is a bit hard hearing. “Great-grandmother,” the woman asks loudly, “Why did you always tell us to cut of the pieces of a sausage before frying it” The old woman looks amazed at them, and responds: “Wait, what, you are still using that little pan!

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