A little mom perspective: I sat behind these moms at my daughter’s volleyball game the other day that didn’t know who i was….

While Victoria was playing they persisted to comment on everything she did wrong and how with “that height” she should be doing…a,b,c… Why would the coach leave her in…etc.

They were basically acting like they knew her and talked in such a justified manner. I sat there fuming and almost ready to say something or cry… but instead just got up and moved seats… in that moment I didn’t know what to say or if the words would come out right… as I’ve thought about it I decided to share my thought here:

I wanted to tell them: Do you know she’s only been playing on a team for six months?

Do you know she’s blind in one eye? And has ZERO depth perception to even be able to hit the ball.

Do you know she cried for days thinking she would never be good enough?

Do you know she practiced 8 hours a week this summer so she could improve enough to even try out for the team?

Do you know she is doing so FREAKING amazing and do you know she’s my daughter?

Do you know it’s women like you that don’t know anything about how to build up another person and teach your daughter it’s ok to talk about other girls like this?

Just a friendly mom note…

Remember before you speak or choose to judge someone… do you get that right?

Do you know their story?

Have you lived in their shoes?

Credit: grownandflown

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