3 Juice Colon Cleanse: How Apple, Ginger & Lemon Can Flush Pounds of Toxins From Your Body

Many people nowadays suffer from digestive problems such as chronic constipation or irritable bowel syndrome. These problems are often caused by a poor diet that is rich in processed foods and low in natural foods. Something that causes waste to build up in the colon, thus creating health problems. To help you out, here are 3 juices that will allow you to naturally cleanse this organ of toxins.
Colon cleansing with 3 juices
While using this remedy, it is best to stay at home, as you will often need to dispose of any fluids ingested. Discover how to prepare a natural colon cleanse in just 5 minutes!
*Ingredients :
°2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice
°1 teaspoon ginger juice
°Half a cup of pure organic apple juice
°Half a teaspoon of sea salt
°100 ml of water
Put the water in a saucepan and reheat it, but do not boil it. Then we pour it into a glass, add sea salt, ginger juice, lemon juice and apple juice, stir well and drink the mixture.
Uses :
Initially, drink this remedy three times a day, one serving in the morning before breakfast, then before lunch and around 6 pm. Make sure you drink plenty of water on the days you use this remedy, at least 8 glasses a day.
It is best to drink water from morning until late afternoon to avoid frequent urination at night.
You can follow this colon cleansing method for a day or a week at most. In this way, you will speed up your metabolism, aid digestion and provide a complete detox for your body.
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