20 incredible Toothpaste Tricks !!

Besides brushing your teeth and removing plaque, toothpaste can do amazing things and make your daily activities easier.Luckily, keep reading to learn about the simple and magical cleaning methods: rust from wood furniture can be removed with toothpaste.Rinse the towel with clean water, matte silver can also be cleaned with toothpaste.
Just wipe the sealant with a cloth, it will wash away any black residue that forms over time, justlike soapy water on a shower window, toothpaste can also remove it, yes, it can take several tubes to make all the walls!
Finally, massage in small circular motions, then rinse off with a shower, my favorite technique is to use a lot.of toothpaste to clean the phone screen from time to time, another simple and effective way to give a silver sheen!So if you forget your lunch box and find it covered in flavorful sauce, you know what to do!
If your child uses Crayola for wall decoration, I recommend dampening the texture with a damp cloth and toothpaste.You can rely on toothpaste to clean CDs or DVDs and remove minor scratches.
No toothpaste can make your blender shiny, after wiping with a soft cloth, rinse thoroughly with clean water, when finished, gently Dry the treated surface and wonder if the toothpaste smells bad, you can also wash your hands with toothpaste. Of course, thanks to the refreshing scent of mint, toothpaste can get rid of unpleasant odors in no time.Strong foods like onions, garlic, or fish should also attract attention.
** Tip: so that the skin does not dry out, then apply a moisturizer,just as toothpaste can remove stains from teeth, and can clean jewelry and make it glow.Do not use it on jewelry, as they fear it will be too difficult.
However, he works with gold, diamonds and silver, the only limitation is pearls and precious stones.
Finally, use it to deodorize, polish and polish in the bath, and if you smell food leftovers,After a few massages, the scent of the bathroom will quickly return to a fresher and more neutral scent.
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